Strengthen your voice 2: - Improve your pitch

Strengthen and improve the health of your voice and pitch with our voice coaching lessons with Sally Johnson.

About this class

Improve your pitch – Quick ways to notice your pitching and know how to centre it.

A look at how we can become more aware of our pitch when singing and some quick fix ways to centre it, check it and improve it. Looking at constriction, pressure, mouth shape and awareness using some basic scale patterns and more unusual exercises.

– For singers and non singers breath control can ease anxiety, improve overall well-being and your speech and singing!

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3. Sense of Stability – What causes instability in the sound and what steps can we take to strengthen our instrument?

4. Building your voice through song – Learn a song with Sally and pick up tips on how to break down the song and build up your instrument.

5. Articulation is an art – a look at consonants and how to make friends with them.


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