Type 2 Diabetes Clinic with Dr Sarah Jarvis

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Dr Sarah Jarvis answers your questions on managing Type 2 Diabetes. 

Thank you to everyone who sent questions for Dr Jarvis to answer. In this session we covered most of your questions including:

Types of medication for Type 2 Diabetes

Hypos, and how to avoid and treat them

How and when to check your blood sugar levels

The parameters for blood sugar levels

Other medication such as statins, and the affect on your blood sugar levels

Advice on how to avoid getting Type 2 Diabetes if you’ve been told you are pre-diabetic

Whether to follow a Keto diet

Whether you need to cut out bread, and other choices to make

Restless legs and whether they are associated to Type 2 Diabetes

Numbness and soreness in toes.

Useful links and further reading mentioned in the video:

The Diabetes Prevention Programme





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