Caring for your cat, with Julie-Anne Thorne

Julie-Anne Thorne is a holistic cat therapist, intuitive, behaviourist and published author. She founded Naturally Cats to provide holistic help for cats and their guardians. Using a combination of environment enrichment, behaviour modification and botanical remedies she supports cats emotionally to reduce and remove problem behaviours.

 She has recently co-authored the first book of its kind, The Aromatic Cat which details how to use herbs, hydrosols and essential oils safely with cats. Julie-Anne believes that understanding the emotional state of a cat is key to supporting problem behaviours. And that through using botanical remedies the cats wellness can be balanced, which in turn affects it behaviour.

 Julie-Anne uses a holistic approach when working with a cat looking at all elements that affect it such as (but not limited to) diet, nutrition, environment, resources and family relationships. She is not a traditional cat behaviourist as she also uses tools such as Reiki healing and animal communication to connect with the cat.

Her mission is to give cats a voice. She helps to educate feline guardians so they can provide for their cat and watch them thrive rather than simply survive. 

About the classes

In these classes Julie-Anne shares her top tips to help your cat thrive in its environment. She will cover litter trays and enrichment. Pros and cons of having an indoor or outdoor cat. How to prepare your home when you are introducing a new cat and how to integrate it into your home.

What you will learn in these classes:

  • How to see the worlds from your cats perspective
  • How to provide for all their needs – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. 
  • We will look at  the best way to connect with your cat
  • How to read their body language
  • How to ‘catify’ your home and much more.

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